Pier Facilities and Moorings

The Association owns and maintains the pontoon on the pier for the benefit of locals and visitors. Water is available from a tap on the pier. Keel boats can only come alongside the pontoon above half tide. The depth of water in the middle of the pontoon is approximately 1.0m less than the height of tide at Mallaig. 

Rubbish and recycling bins are provided at the ferry pier car park. There are no waste disposal facilities at the Old Pier.

The Association also has three moorings for long or short term rental. These are located to the north of the Old Pier and marked “SSCMA” and have a white ID tag including details of payment methods, on the pickup buoy. There are a number of other moorings available for short term visitor use. These are also marked with a white ID tag.

For further details of payment see Rates.

Use of the Pier

The moorings, pontoon and Old Pier facility is provided and maintained by the Association for the benefit of all. Visitors are welcome to use the pontoon provided that the following is observed:

1. All members of the public use this facility at their own risk.

2. The pier and pontoon is used by small commercial vessels to land their catch: please do not obstruct the pier with vehicles.

3. See Rates for payment of the appropriate fees.

4. Vessels shall not remain alongside unattended or overnight. The pontoon is tidal and vessels may ground at low water.

5. Maximum weight of vessels using the pontoon or moorings is 15 tons. Regardless of weight, Vessels over 45’ in length should check in advance if a suitable mooring is available.

6. Dinghies should be left at the ends of the pontoon to leave the long face clear.

7. Commercial passenger ferries operate a seven day service within Armadale Bay. The ferry can generate a substantial propwash when alongside the ferry pier which sets up a current through the mooring area, continuing for several minutes after the ferry has left. Users of the facilities should exercise caution on account of this.

9. Space for the ferry to manoeuver is restricted and skippers must take care not to impede the safe navigation of the ferry.

10. Rubbish and recycling bins are provided on the main pier car park.

For Rates and Payment details please click here.